About Us

Promo Pack Solutions LLC. is a young and dynamic company established in Dubai, UAE operating since 2007, acting as a highly committed partner to leading national and multinational brands in the UAE and the Middle East regions.  As a one-stop packaging solution, we offer professional services such as Value-added Packaging and Re-packaging, Co-packing, Contract Packaging, Transportation, Logistics, Warehousing, and Distribution Services.

A two-mens dream, driven by passion and ambition, has turned out to be a way of life for many people and families that depend on our company and we on them. As we believe that our loyal and satisfied employees create Promo Pack.

Today, the company has developed into a powerful organization proudly employing over 250 full-time employees, working in a combined working space of over a 40,000 sq. feet located in Jebel Ali Industrial Area, Jebel Ali Free Zone, and
Dubai Investments Park (DIP2) catering for companies located inside Jebel Ali Port as well as in mainland Dubai.

Promo Pack Solutions is powered by a self-owned and efficient fleet, consisting of both heavy truck and light delivery vehicles ensuring that your cargo gets delivered on time to your desired location daily, weekly, or one-off. The future holds a lot of opportunities, as well as new challenges for us. With our packaging division firmly set up, we are focusing on expanding our Logistics & Supply Chain business.

When it comes to packaging solutions, you can rest assured that your brand’s reputation is in good and professional hand

The Team

With more than a decade of experience with combined value added promotional packaging services and mastered logistics, our talented and experienced multinational and multicultural team is the foundation of our reputation for quality and service excellence.

It is our teams’ passion, drive and expertise that enable us to get to the point where we are in today’s time. Our team is made up of highly-skilled in-house specialists that cover the full range of necessary disciplines, allowing us to quickly adapt and deliver integrated solutions for each of our clients’ unique needs – a clear competitive advantage in terms of speed, quality and cost.

We pride ourselves on being a young & diverse company, with employees from all around the world committed to contribute to our collective success and empowered to make decisions that are in the best interest of our clients.

Promo Pack Team

Over 250



24 x 7

security & CCTV

Working space

Over 40,000

sq. feet working space

Flexibility Through Sustainability Explained

We at Promo Pack believe in being flexible and adaptive as every client poses different demands and standards. Through our flexible and individual approach to our clients over the years we managed to become a self-sustainable company, which in turn allows us to offer you premium services for a competitive value. We believe that by being flexible and constantly improving and innovating our company we can take on challenges that the future can bring and maintain our position as a key market leader in the packaging industry.

Why Promo Pack?

We are a self-sustainable company, totally independent not relying on external factors. We took the time and patience to grow cautiously with care over the years, which allowed us to become totally independent starting from machinery and ending on our raw materials. Hence being at the source with Promo Pack Solutions, we are able to provide you with a cost-friendly solution that will stand out and make a substantial impact in today’s world’s heavily saturated and competitive market.

We respects time frames

We respect time frames

It plays a vital role apart from our service and we take it personally to ensure that we respect agreements and commitments to our customers.  

We are pro-active thinkers

We are pro-active thinkers

Since the inception of our business in 2007, we have perfected the PROMOTIONAL PACKAGING model and been offering to our clients. We make sure that there is always a constant and proper communication channel as reliable data is crucial in today’s business world.

We work on-site

We work on-site

Sometimes the volume of the cargo cannot be moved or is under strict temperature control. We ensure our team and machinery are provided on-site and caters to your required needs under our supervision to make sure that the quality and efficiency balance is maintained.

We care

We care

Most importantly Promo Pack Solution’s inspections team always makes sure that your cargo is handled with the utmost care and ensures to meet your specifications. We maintain an “As per Sample” policy.


We are Flexible

Our production operations are open 24/7, allowing the maximum possible flexibility for our clients/customers’ delivery schedules. All our facilities are CCTV maintained and under 24/7 monitored to ensure that your cargo is safe and protected.


We are developing

Our dedicated staff members undergo regular training for many years and are professionals in their field. Our skilled labor is very efficient, and quick without hampering the quality aspect of the whole production. Efficiency is the key to our whole operation. Our employees are certified in Health Standards Packaging and Food Handling Procedures.